Sunday, August 1, 2010

Peapods of contemplation

I did a design degree at university and i did mainly metalwork. These were my take on 'objects of contemplation' the 20th century equivalent of worry beads or an executive toy.

These forms are based on peapods and are nice to hold regardless of hand size. The metal is initially cold but quickly warms to hand temperature. The outer surface is decorated in different ways........bumps and craters, holes cut away to see smooth inner skin and balls which rotate in situ. Inside each there are more balls which depending on the handling roll smoothly around tinkling gently or crashing about ricocheting from inner posts and making an almighty clatter.

They are meant to be held and played with enjoying the textures and sounds and the therapeutic roliing within OR shaken to release noise and pent up stress!!

These are made from copper and then silver plated before assembly which made life very difficult. Future models would be made in silver this would make joining the pieces together a whole lot easier.

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