Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mosaic mirrors

Another of the things I make regularly are broken mirror mosaics. I make them usually to order and can make the background in any colour and cut the MDF backboard to any shape wanted. The shape of the backboard, mirror and the colour of the beads surrounding the mirror can all be the customers choice.

A selection of mirrors waiting to be sold or picked up.

 Basic square backboard with round mirror.Turquoise background. Green beading.

Orange background and blue beading.
Would you prefer to handg it up differently? problem

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dreadlock decorations

I have a few dreadlocks and whilst at university I decided I'd experiment making some hair decorations.......The tutors said they wouldn't work so I went ahead anyway. The tutor was wrong they did work even thought they are made in prototype copper. The soldering is none too good but hey its held.

I have now been wearing these for the best part of 12/13 years so they have been washed on a regular basis and dried and have withstood the continual dying of my hair. They have been bashed and bent so that now they are rather more organic in shape than they were at the begining.

I make this post because over the weekend another metal worker saw them and had a very good close look at them............he has a stall at festivals and I think next year his stall may just include these hair pieces.............I wanted to publicly stake my claim to the 'design' here and now!! :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hand made table

I made this table about five years ago. My husband works in a wood factory and he brought this unworked slice of wood home. I loved it and wanted to keep it just as it was. There was originally pieces of bark still around the edges but sadly it fell off as it dried out.



I simply sanded the wood and added a set of industrial wheels and it has been our occassional table ever since.

I saw something similar on another post today and decided it was time to give my old table an outing on my blog. When the table is not in use it wheels conveniently under the couch out of the way.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Peapods of contemplation

I did a design degree at university and i did mainly metalwork. These were my take on 'objects of contemplation' the 20th century equivalent of worry beads or an executive toy.

These forms are based on peapods and are nice to hold regardless of hand size. The metal is initially cold but quickly warms to hand temperature. The outer surface is decorated in different ways........bumps and craters, holes cut away to see smooth inner skin and balls which rotate in situ. Inside each there are more balls which depending on the handling roll smoothly around tinkling gently or crashing about ricocheting from inner posts and making an almighty clatter.

They are meant to be held and played with enjoying the textures and sounds and the therapeutic roliing within OR shaken to release noise and pent up stress!!

These are made from copper and then silver plated before assembly which made life very difficult. Future models would be made in silver this would make joining the pieces together a whole lot easier.