Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dreadlock decorations

I have a few dreadlocks and whilst at university I decided I'd experiment making some hair decorations.......The tutors said they wouldn't work so I went ahead anyway. The tutor was wrong they did work even thought they are made in prototype copper. The soldering is none too good but hey its held.

I have now been wearing these for the best part of 12/13 years so they have been washed on a regular basis and dried and have withstood the continual dying of my hair. They have been bashed and bent so that now they are rather more organic in shape than they were at the begining.

I make this post because over the weekend another metal worker saw them and had a very good close look at them............he has a stall at festivals and I think next year his stall may just include these hair pieces.............I wanted to publicly stake my claim to the 'design' here and now!! :)

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