Monday, July 26, 2010

Leaves, horsetail hair, pine needles (Fotos aren't great they are fotos of fotos.)

Spines from horse chesnut leaves, pine needles and willow leaf ribbons.
Cherry leaves and horsetail hair.

Cherry leaves and willow.

Cherry leaves and pine needles.

Cherry leaves and pine needles.

For years I collected leaves and nature things like seed pods and grasses. I started making 3D sculptures using just natural things.

This one is made using willow and horsetail hair and is flexible and can be twisted and turned due to the elasticity of the horsetail hair.It always springs back to 'shape'

This one is made using the spines from horse chestnut leaves and pine needles and leaves suspeneded on horsetail hair which is elastic. If you blow through this the leaves twirl .

These are made using cherry tree leaves pinned together with pine needles

These sculptures become extremely brittle over time and moving them around can be fatal!! They are best left hanging from the ceiling so they are safe.

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