Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Guerilla patchwork


Recently there have been a lot of stories about guerilla knitting. I love these impromptu works of art but my knitting skills are somewhat limited and so i have decided to adapt the idea to my own ends.

I have been coppicing trees in our garden and regularly save the young tree trunks never quite knowing what for but they are so nice it's a shame to cut them up and burn them. I also have a lot of fabric offcuts and was looking for another use for them too.
I am happy with the effects and the pieces are just tacked with glue into place but i intend to oversew them now with embroidery threads for the proper patchwork effect.
I am now looking for a suitably gnarled trunk with a few branches intact which is room height so I can wedge it into place in the livingroom from floor to ceiling.

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