Saturday, April 10, 2010

Woven Steel lamps / sculptures

I make lamps from woven steel strips. The strips are collected from factories who are going to throw them away. I first straighten them and then weave large sheets which later become the lamps.

Each one is filled with either a coloured tube bulb or filled with Christmas lights for the mosaic effect.


The structures themselves can also be used purely as sculptures without any lights inside I have a couple in my garden nicely rusted.


  1. Do you ever weave the lights / sculptures so the lines are cooked. ( not bent) just so it looks messy?

  2. Sorry its taken so long to no I have only ebr woven them straight because they are made of steel which doesn't lend itself to organic shapes. I have tried to build a sort of ''slinky'' arched shape but it bends instead of curving......maybe a looser weave would work...........